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Setting Resolution

Chrome OS System Settings

Step 1 First, login to the Chromebit (if this is signage the username is chromebit)   Step 2 Enter the settings, and click 'Display Settings'. Step 3 Click the resolution drop down box. Step 4 Set the resolution to 1920x1080. Step 5 Click ...

Changing quote of day

Digital Signage Signage Management

The quote of the day text can be modified. However, the background is random on each page load. Select Quote Manager on the left hand side. Turn the custom quotes on by changing the “Enable custom quotes” option to Enabled. Each line in the textbox is ...

Powerwashing (formatting) a Chromebook

Chrome OS System Maintenance

You'll have to switch to Developer Mode in order to power wash a managed Chromebook. All of your personal data saved on the device will be deleted. Make sure you've already backed up your stuff. Data stored in the cloud will not be deleted. Switch to devel...


Chrome OS Known Issues

Public Information Google Products

Updated: 12/3/2018   Chrome OS Version 70 "Remove this person" missing from UI Bug Report  Scheduled Fix: December 11th Workaround:  Boot the Chrome devices Press Tab to the dropdown Enter to activate popup window Enter to 'remove user' Ente...

New Student (or changed class) is not in roster

Sometimes when a new student is added to eSchool (or a class is changed) it does not show up in LearnZillion. In order to correct this you must add them to your roster. First, via clever, login to your LearnZillion account.   Once logged into Learnzillio...


Logging in

Wiki - Logging in

ONLY RED CLAY STAFF CAN LOGIN TO WIKI.  If you would like to see more content, you must log in to the wiki. You may do this by clicking on "Log in" at the top right page and using your AD credentials. You do not need to have or REDCLAY\, j...

Force policy update

Chrome OS General

Sometimes when policies are updated in Google Admin Console they are not immediately reflected on the users account/device. Forcing the policy is fairly simple. First, open Chrome. Type chrome://policy in the address bar and press enter. This should load ...

Image Display Modes

Digital Signage Signage Management

The slideshow editor has 4 different display modes. They affect how images are displayed.    Detect Automatically - The system attempts to scale the image to fit to the sign. It will automatically select how to scale the image. Fit to content area - F...

Kiosk App Keyboard Shortcuts

Digital Signage Chromebit/Kiosk App

CTRL+R Refresh the slide only, same as clicking Refresh Signage in the administrative console CTRL+E  Reloads the entire Kiosk application CTRL+Q - Reboot Reboots the Chromebit CTRL+C - Reset all settings and reload Close to powerwashing ...

Preview Signage

Digital Signage Signage Management

The signage requires a 1920x1080 resolution. As a result, the preview page will display scrollbars so you can see what it would look like as if you were looking at it on the TV. To see the new preview feature, it's on the left menu under "Preview". Once in ...

Keyboard shortcuts

Chrome OS General

Right click context menu On the touchpad, right click by tapping both fingers at once on the touch pad. Open link in a new tab While hovered over the link, tap the touchpad with three fingers. Snap Windows Snapping a window can help speed up productivit...

Enabling Slide Expiration

Digital Signage Signage Management

Click Slideshow Editor Select your slide Add, edit a new slide Under “Enable slide expiration”, change it to enabled Click the grayed out box under Slide Expiration Select the date and time. Note, it won’t get removed at the second time. It c...

Reset browser cache

Chrome OS General

This can work on both CHROMEBOOKS and the CHROME BROWSER Understanding the purpose of the cache A "cache" is commonly used in the technology world to temporarily store information to allow faster loading of applications, or in this case, websites. Web brows...

RMA SHIM procedure

Chromebook Troubleshooting USB RMA SHIM

Overview When any of the following key components are replaced, the correct hardware ID (HWID) must be re-generated: Battery Motherboard SSD Keyboard Camera Touchpad LCD Panel WLAN    Step 1: Create USB Image Create a USB RMA Sh...

Uploading to the signage

Digital Signage Signage Management

You will be required to have an administrator account for the digital signage. Browse to  Login with your account On the left, seleect Slideshow editor  You can add a slideshow, or edit a slideshow. Make su...

Converting Powerpoint

Digital Signage Signage Management

Powerpoint files can be easily converted for use on the digital signage. Some people find it easier to create their signage in Powerpoint and then upload it to the Digital Signage. If you are using Google Slides, go to File->Download As->Microsoft Power...


Digital Signage General

  Product Link Digital Signage Administration Digital Signage  Digital Signage Support     

Fixing offscreen text

Digital Signage Troubleshooting

If you the signage is half off screen the picture mode needs to be changed. To do this, you will need the TV remote control or any IR Blaster with the TV setup. Step 1: Access picture settings On the remote control, access the TV's menu. The first option '...


Digital Signage Troubleshooting

Why you do this?! There are numerous reasons to powerwash a Chromebit. If you are unable to get the Chromebit to load the Kiosk, or if it's displaying a default application icon with the message "Waiting for application". Generally this means the policy on t...

Enable Extensions

Chrome OS General

On June 18th, 2019 we made internal changes to the Google policy that resulted in a handful of staff members having all their extensions disabled. This was expected and corrected quickly. If you received notifications that extensions were disabled you can easi...