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Logging in

Wiki - Logging in

ONLY RED CLAY STAFF CAN LOGIN TO WIKI.  If you would like to see more content, you must login to...

Preventing Zoom Bombarding

Zoom Conferencing Troubleshooting

Important things to note Nobody has hacked the Zoom meeting. The issue of unknown participants g...

Downloading & Installing (Windows 10)

Remote Support TeamViewer

This process should be similar to devices running OS X. Installation of Teamviewer is not requir...

Prevent Removed Participants from rejoining

Zoom Conferencing Usage

Sign in to the Zoom web portal. Click Settings. Scroll down and navigate to the Allow removed...

Waiting Rooms

Zoom Conferencing Usage

Enabling When scheduling the meeting, click . Under Advanced Options: (a)Select Enable waiti...

Meeting Passwords

Zoom Conferencing Usage

Require a password Open your zoom application and click on the Schedule icon. To set up a pas...


Zoom Conferencing Usage

Screen Sharing Settings Use the recommended screen sharing settings for your Zoom meetings to re...

Classroom Management

Zoom Conferencing Usage

Waiting Room Message Any participant who does not login using their USC Zoom credentials automat...

Recommendations for Teachers

Zoom Conferencing Getting Started

Signing in to your Zoom Account (Only require one time) You can set your defaults for all meet...

Further Resources

Zoom Conferencing Troubleshooting

For further reading, please visit the link here  

New Student (or changed class) is not in roster

Student Educational Software Learnzillion

Sometimes when a new student is added to eSchool (or a class is changed) it does not show up in L...

Testing Zoom before using

Zoom Conferencing Troubleshooting

In order to test Zoom, you can use the test meeting located at the URL below: 

Error: Ooops, Zoom is blocked by the administrator

Zoom Conferencing Troubleshooting

Fixing Ooops error  The Zoom application is force-installed on all Google accounts across the di...

Installing on Chrome OS

Zoom Conferencing Getting Started

The extension for Chrome OS is already pushed out for all students and teachers. You may not need...

Installing Zoom on Mac (Safari)

Zoom Conferencing Getting Started

Overview To install Zoom or Zoom Rooms on your Mac computer, you may need change your Security ...

Google Brand Account

Misc Troubleshooting Google

You may get a message when browsing to youtube that looks something like this: In order to fix...

Enable Extensions

Chrome OS General

On June 18th, 2019 we made internal changes to the Google policy that resulted in a handful of st...

Powerwashing (formatting) a Chromebook

Chrome OS System Maintenance

You'll have to switch to Developer Mode in order to power wash a managed Chromebook. All of your...

Chrome OS Known Issues

Public Information Google Products

Updated: 12/3/2018   Chrome OS Version 70 "Remove this person" missing from UI Bug Report...

Providing Remote Connectivity

Remote Support TeamViewer

Providing remote ID & password In order to allow someone to remote assist you, you will need...