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Waiting Rooms


  1. When scheduling the meeting, click 
  2. Under Advanced Options:
    • (a)Select Enable waiting room.
    • (b)Ensure Enable join before host is not selected.
  3. When you have selected all other options, click Schedule


Start meeting with Waiting Room

  1. Start your meeting from the Zoom app or from the Zoom meeting link in your calendar.
  2. As participants join the call, you will see a pop-up message:
    • To admit a person directly, click Admit and go to next section.
    • To see all participants in the waiting room, click See waiting room.
  1. In the waiting room panel, perform one of the following:
    • Click Admit All to admit all participants.
    • Click Admit to allow a single participant into the meeting.
    • Click Remove to remove a single participant from the Zoom meeting.


Managing a Meeting

Once the meeting has started, the meeting room is still active.

  1. If you wish to return a participant to the meeting room:
    1. Click More.
    2. Click Put in Waiting Room.
  1. If you wish to remove a participant from the meeting.
    • Click More.
    • Click Remove.