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Preventing Zoom Bombarding

Important things to note

Nobody has hacked the Zoom meeting. The issue of unknown participants getting into your Zoom meeting is caused by the loose settings defaulted by Zoom.

  • Turn off file transfers
  • Mute Participants on Entry
  • Prevent removed participants on entry
  • Prevent removed participants from rejoining
  • Remove the ability for a participant to share their screen

Settings to set before the meeting begins

  • Participants video: OFF
  • Join before host: OFF
  • Mute participants upon entry: YES
  • Private chat: OFF
  • Auto saving chats: YES
  • Allow host to put attendee on hold: YES
  • Screen sharing:
    • Who can share: Host only
  • Allow removed participants to rejoin: OFF
  • Virtual background: OFF
  • Attention tracking: ON
  • Waiting room: ON
  • Show a "Join from your browser" link: ON

During the meeting

  • Mute All Participants
  • Hover over a student’s name > More > Remove them from the meeting
  • Arrow next to Screen Share > Advanced Sharing > Choose who can share their screen
  • Under Participants > Click More > Choose...
    • Mute Participants on Entry
    • Allow Participants to Unmute themselves (turn off)
    • Allow Participants to Rename themselves (turn off)
    • Play enter/exit chime
    • Lock Meeting (once all students have joined, lock the meeting so others cannot enter)
  •  Click Chat > More (three little dots) > Choose who Participants can chat with

Additional Considerations

  • Do NOT post the join link publicly. Share the join link to Schoology or in email to students/families.
  • If possible, have another teacher co-host your zoom session. They can manage the waiting room and
  • Do not use Zoom for lengthy direct teaching or lectures. Instead create a video and post it in Schoology
    for students to view.
  • Try out Zoom ahead of time to see how it works.
  • Practice expectations before conducting a real lesson or activity.
  • Mute All students then invite them to click the “Raise Hand” button when they would like to speak.

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