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District Users

1. Login to the student portal from ClassLink or navigate to

2. This is the staff main menu, as you can see you have a few options as a District Level User. First you can search students within a specific school. Select the school from the drop down and hit "Set School" now you can search that building with the "Select Student" dropdown menu. Once you've found the student you want, simply click their name and click "Get Badge". 

Alternatively, you can search the entire district at once. However due to the amount of students you'll need to enter their username. Example: s.john.smith, s.jane.smith DO NOT enter their email address, this will return an error.


3. As a District Level User you have the ability to generate batches of badges by school. Navigate to the "Generate Batch" menu at the top of your screen. Once loaded, you can select the school you want to run, and click "Run School Batch". This will open a new window with a print preview of all the badges for the selected school!