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New Student (or changed class) is not in roster

Sometimes when a new student is added to eSchool (or a class is changed) it does not show up in LearnZillion. In order to correct this you must add them to your roster.

First, via clever, login to your LearnZillion account.


Once logged into Learnzillion you will see the default page which lists all your assignments. 

On the top right you should see your name with a drop down arrow. Click the arrow and select "Roster". 

You will see your students. To add the new students, click the pink "+Add a new student" button underneath the header. 


Type in the students full name s.first.last. As your typing a list of students will appear. Select your student.

Click "Add Students" after you are done selecting your students.

Be sure to double check your students name twice before adding to your roster.