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Downloading & Installing (Windows 10)

This process should be similar to devices running OS X.

Installation of Teamviewer is not required, go here if you prefer to run Teamviewer once.


First download Teamviewer from the official website using Chrome (DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM OTHER SITES!):

  1. Click Download TeamViewer


  2.  Save the file onto your computer and launch it.

    You can also press CTRL+J on your keyboard to launch a view of all your downloads (Chrome)

Installing Teamviewer

Once you launch the installer, you will be presented with multiple options. 

  1. Select the following options:
    Default Installation
    Personal / Non-commercial use


  2.  If prompted, click Yes to allow administration access.
  3. Once installed, Teamviewer should be launched automatically. If not it will be located in your Start Menu.