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Uploading to the signage

You will be required to have an administrator account for the digital signage.

  • Browse to 
  • Login with your account
  • On the left, seleect Slideshow editor 
  • You can add a slideshow, or edit a slideshow. Make sure the slideshow you want to add to is marked as ACTIVE. 
  • You can add text or add a picture/video
  • When you add a slide, you will be prompted with the following options:
  • Name is only for your own reference
  • Slide Delay is how long the slide will be displayed. Default is 25 seconds.
  • Enable Slide Expiration will allow you to automatically expire a slide 
  • Display Mode 
    • Detect Automatically - The signage will determine if the image should be full screen or fit within the content area of the signage
    • Fit to content area - The white header bar will be visible at the top of the screen
    • Fill content area - The white header bar will be covered 
    • Fullscreen - The entire screen will be covered.
  • If you are adding text, you can enter the text in the red field. Please note that if you use a small font you won't see it on the signage.
  • If you are adding images, you can simply drag and drop the images into the box. Or you can click it to open a open dialog.