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Why you do this?!

There are numerous reasons to powerwash a Chromebit. If you are unable to get the Chromebit to load the Kiosk, or if it's displaying a default application icon with the message "Waiting for application". Generally this means the policy on the device is corrupted, and it will never load. Powerwashing can also be done for basic troubleshooting.

You will need a small paperclip and a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Step 1: Start Powerwash

Unplug the device, and on the back side press the small button while plugging in the device


Step 2: Enter developer mode

You will see a ChromeOS recovery screen. Press CTRL+D


Step 3: Initiate Powerwash

A message about turning off OS verification comes up. Press the recovery button again with the paperclip. The device will reboot. Using your keyboard, press the spacebar.


Step 4: OS Verification off

OS Verification should now be off. Press SPACE to re-enable.


Step 5: Turn on OS Verification

Press enter to confirm you want verification turned back on.


Step 6: Verification ON

The device should now wipe itself after a few seconds.


Step 7: Setup Wifi

I personally use my phone to tether just so I don't have to enter the wifi settings. Either way, setup wifi as you normally would for a Chromebook.


Step 8: Enterprise Enrollment

You should see Enterprise Enrollment as the login page. IF YOU DO NOT, press CTRL+E to enroll the device. The username is 'Chromebit'.


Step 9: Verify Asset information

Please verify the asset information. It should match whatever is written on the Chromebit. If it does NOT match, please email with the correct device name and enter the correct name. Please enter the location (EX: Tech Office Lobby)