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New Device Deployment

Collect Contact Information

We need to know who to contact regarding signage. Please find the name/email addresses of the person that will be maintaining the signage so that we may contact them (or have them email me).

The form is located here: 


Install the Chrome device as required. If this is a new installation you will need the following hardware:

  1. Provisioned Chromebox
  2. HDMI cable
  3. Power cable for Chromebox
  4. TV Remote 

Once installed, turn the TV on and the KIOSK application should launch.

Activating Device

Contact Thomas Mack for login information to the activate page.

After booting up you should presented with this screen: 


WARNING: Selecting the wrong school means you will need to wipe the device and start over enrollment! 

The device will need to be activated based on your location. To do this, login at On the left side of the screen select the school:


Enter the code into the textbox below "Activation Code":


Click the Activate Button. The signage should load the schools settings.

Fixing offscreen text

If you the signage is half off screen the picture mode needs to be changed. To do this, you will need the TV remote control or any IR Blaster with the TV setup.

Step 1: Access picture settings

On the remote control, access the TV's menu. The first option 'Picture' is selected.


Step 2: Picture Size

Scroll down to 'Picture Size'.