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RMA SHIM procedure


When any of the following key components are replaced, the correct hardware ID (HWID) must be re-generated:

  • Battery
  • Motherboard
  • SSD
  • Keyboard
  • Camera
  • Touchpad
  • LCD Panel
  • WLAN 


Step 1: Create USB Image

  • Create a USB RMA Shim using Win32DiskImager. This software is located on the RC Tech shared drive at 
    \\rcit-techdata\Tech\Acer ASP\C740

This software is for Windows, however, a similar procedure can be done on OS X or Linux using an disk imager tool such as the dd

Step 2: Extract Win32DiskImager zip

  • Extract the Win32DiskImager zip file. 

Make sure all the files are extracted or else the process will fail.

Step 3: Insert USB or SD drive

  • Insert a USB flash drive/sd drive

Step 4: Write to disk

  • Select the correct drive letter for the USB flash drive inserted. 








Be careful not to select an external harddrive. It WILL wipe the drive completely! 

Click the folder icon to select the bin file The bin file is located at 
\\rcit-techdata\Tech\Acer ASP\C740\Benetton_Edu_RMA_20150203

All data will be erased from the USB drive/card once you hit Write! 

Click the Write button Click Yes on the Confirm overwrite dialog
The image is now being written to the drive.

Step 5: Disable HW Write Protect Switch

  • Power off the Chromebook and unplug the AC power. Turn the Chromebook over, and then remove all the screws on the base door. 

  • Carefully pry up the base door starting from the rear of the system. Grasp and remove the base door from the system. 
Remove the screw marked red, place the bottom cover back on the system. Upclose view of the hardware write protect switch

Do not put the screws back in since you will need to open the system again

Placing the bottom cover on the system enables the battery

  • Turn the system back over and plug in the AC power.

Step 6: Enable developer mode

  • Power on the system while holding the ESC, REFRESH (F3), and POWER button to enter recovery mode.

  • On the Chrome OS is missing or damaged screen, press the CTRL+D keys to change to DEV mode
  • When prompted to turn OS verification off, press the enter key.

  • At the OS verification is OFF screen, do NOT press the Spacebar. The recovery process will start automatically after 30 seconds. Press the CTRL+D keys to begin clearing data without waiting. The Chromebook will clear data and transition to Developer Mode. A progress bar will appear at the top of the screen. This process takes typically takes 2 minutes.
  • The Chromebook reboots back to the OS verification is OFF screen. Press CTRL+D to continue. The Chrmebook will boot to the OOBE screen and is ready to use the USB RMA shim.

Step 7: Using the RMA SHIM

  • On the Chrome OS is missing or damaged. screen, insert the USB/SD card RMA shim.

If the device is powered off, press ESC+REFRESH (F3)+POWER to turn the Chromebook on

  • The Chromebook will boot to the USB RMA shim. When the CrOS Factory Shim menu appears, press “i”  and then press enter to begin the installation of the factory shim.

  • The Chromebook will copy the necessary files from the USB RMA shim. This process typically takes 6 minutes.

  • The Chromebook will automatically restart when complete and boot to Factory Test mode.

  • Remove the USB RMA shim and power off the system.

Step 8: Start the Factory Test

  • Select RunInShopFloorSet DeviceInfo:  Select the appropriate components in the system and then click OK
    • has_cellular – select “False”
    • has_touchscreen- select “True” if the system has a touchscreen and “False” if it does not
    • has_lte – select “False”
  • Select RunIn - ShopFloor -VPD: Please enter the Serial Number and then press enter.  

The serial number MUST be in upper case to recognize correctly in the Google Management Console

If using a barcode scanner, make sure to click the enter Seiral number filed after scanning the serial number and before pressing enter. If the barcode scanner is set to tab after scanning, it will go to Mark Failed button and fail the test.

  • Select RunIn -ShopFloor -VPD:  Select the appropriate region and then press enter.  United States is at the bottom of the list.

  • Select RunInShopFloor -VPD: The VPD data is written.

  • Select RunIn-ShopFloor -WriteHWID: The HWID data is found and written.

  • Select RunInRMAFinish - Finish: Press the SPACEBAR to shut down the system.

  • The system shuts down

  • Unplug the AC power, remove the bottom cover and secure the Write Protect screw back on the mainboard.

  • Place the bottom cover back on the system.
  • Turn the system back over and plug in AC power.  Open the lid and the system will automatically start the Factory Test.
  • Select GoogleRequiredTests: Google required tests are run and then the system will restart.

  • Select GoogleRequiredTests -BarrierGRT: Press SPACE to continue.

  • Select GoogleRequiredTests -Finish: Press SPACE to finalize.

  • Select GoogleRequiredTests -Finalize: The settings are finalized.

  • The Chromebook will restart, wipe the factory test image three times and then change to the shipping image.  A progress bar will appear at the top of the screen each time the image is wiped.

  • Remove AC power when prompted.  The system will power off.

  • After verifying the process completed successfully, install and secure all screws to the base cover.


The device is now ready to get enrolled to the enterprise environment.