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Reset browser cache

This can work on both CHROMEBOOKS and the CHROME BROWSER

Understanding the purpose of the cache

A "cache" is commonly used in the technology world to temporarily store information to allow faster loading of applications, or in this case, websites. Web browsers store things like images, page data, and any other asset necessary for the website (or application) to run. This can, however, cause issues - if the cache itself is corrupted, or if the page was updated you sometimes may not see the change right away. You can generally fix this by wiping the cache.

Step 1

At the top right of your Chrome webbrowser, you should see three vertical dots (). Clicking on the dots will bring up a drop down menu. Or, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE

Step 2

Selected "More tools", and then click Clear browsing data. 


Step 3

Select the cache in the list of things to clear and set the drop down box to "the beginning of time". If you want to clear other data, you can, but note you will get logged out of websites and some websites might load slower.