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Download Page Overview


The download page will allow you to see what is currently happening. The badges will be deleted after 15 days.

Status Updates

Clicking Refresh will update the page so you can check the status of your downloads.


Download View

You can search and sort the download view by clicking the buttons above: 


  • Requestor
    • The person who made the batch request
  • Name
    • Unique name of the batch (can be anything)
  • Status
    • Status of the batch
      • Not yet started 
        • The system has not yet started running. Only one task can run at a time.
      • Processing
        • The badges are being generated. Depending on the number of badges, it can take up to an hour to complete.
      • Ready for download
        • The badges are ready to be downloaded.
  • Request Date
    • The date the request was made for the badges
  • Finish Date
    • The date the badges finished processing
  • Student Count
    • The number of students in the batch
  • Error Count
    • The number of student badges could not be generated. This usually means the student is suspended, has no grade assigned, missing student id, or their school name is invalid. 
  • Download 
    • When ready, a download button will be available.

The current status of the task runner.